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Professional  services firms are under increasing pressure to deliver results and have a recognizable impact on their clients’ business.  As consultants we understand the pressures of deadlines, having systems that integrate your mobile workforce and the technology challenges that you face while supporting your client engagements.  We provide resources to the world’s largest and most prestigious consulting firms when they need to scale a project or when requiring specific technical capabilities.  Talk to us today about how we can partner with you to provide you with what you need, when you need it.  Our specialty areas are listed below.

Business IntelligenceBusiness intelligence sounds simple. Basically it is just getting important business information to decision makers when they need it, in a form that they can actually use it. Despite sounding simple it takes skilled and highly trained technologists using sophisticated tools. At DataCede we have some of the best and brightest ready to work on your assignments. Rent one of our teams or staff today.


  • OLAP: Online analytical processing
  • Digital dashboards
  • Decision engineering
  • Business performance management
  • Process mining
Data WarehousingData Warehousing – Perhaps you use a Dimensional Approach or perhaps a Normalized configuration for the storage of our data. While these are the leading approaches we are familiar with them all. There are also many designs in data warehousing. Maybe it’s a Bottom-up, Top-down, or a Hybrid design, we have you covered.


  • Informatica – Power Center
  • IBM – Websphere DataStage
  • IBM – Cognos
  • Microsoft – SQL Server Integration Services
  • Oracle – Data Integrator
  • SAS – Data Integration Studio
  • Oracle – Warehouse Builder
  • Sybase – Data Integrated Suite ETL
  • IBM – DB2 Warehouse Edition
  • OpenSys – CloverETL
ERP SolutionsERP Solutions – Implementing an ERP system is always complex because the deployment drives changes to both data and processes that extend across departmental boundaries inside the organization. Recent surveys indicate 60 percent of CFO’s and CIO’s called their project successful. A full 30 percent express neutrality on the success. Overwhelming the deciding factor for cost overruns and project mishaps were attributable to poor skills and lack of experience. We have resources that have years of experience and many projects under their belts. See how we can help you today.

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Epicor
  • IFS
  • Intacct
  • Plex
  • Infor
Project OversightProject Management – PMOs or Project Management Office can be a very powerful tool for the CFO and CIO looking to contain costs, maximize production, scheduling, and ultimate delivery to the end user. According to the Standish CHAOS Report 68% of software projects do not meet time/cost/scope targets. Only 32% of projects were completed on time, within budget and delivered measurable business and stakeholder benefits. We employ certified PMO’s and have deployed many in projects just like yours. Call us today for help with your PMO.

Business AnalysisBusiness Analysis – A good business analyst is defined as a liaison among project stakeholders in order to understand the structure and operations of the organization. In our experience, the best BA’s come from operational areas and are trained in the “language of technology”. The result is a faster and better user acceptance process and ultimately a better result for IT. We specialize in three areas and have BA’s that know operational needs because they have been in the operational trenches. Call us today for one of ours.

Web MobileMobility is redefining the workplace: The concept of constantly being connected from anywhere has pervaded our personal lives and begun making its way into the operational environment. Now, through tablets, smart phones and other real-time devices, employers are completely connected and can see what is occurring in their businesses from anywhere. The possibilities are endless, from on-the-fly quality inspections, workflow approvals and immediate production warnings to customer management and inventory control.

Our Difference from Recruiters

  • Specialists in Financial, Insurance and Professional Services
  • NOT A Body SHOP!   We have dedicated teams to work on your projects
  • Flexible…whether it’s a team of six or sixty we can accommodate and get you the best!
  • One Source for business intelligence, data warehousing, ERP solutions specialists, project manager and web mobility
  • Customer Centric with a focus on solving your needs quickly and to your satisfaction

What Client’s Say

DataCede Staffing’s recruiters are truly world-class and I would highly recommend engaging them in all staffing needs!
Societe General Group Executive,
DataCede Staffing has a meticulous screening process which has provided a number of good candidates in a very short time.
Banking Industry Executive,
DataCede Staffing’s extensive knowledge of the current employment landscape is invaluable and often leads to a successful engagement or FTE.
Project & Portfolio Manager,

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